Monday, July 9, 2012

No, You Sure Can't

Overheard on the Scanner:

This event took place over several minutes, with several officers chiming in. They were being dispatched to a stolen vehicle.

Dispatcher:  Hold the air for a stolen vehicle.  [Broadcasts make/model of vehicle and tag, as well as last location/direction of travel]. Also be advised, the vehicle is blue in color and there is a bumper sticker in the cab window that reads "You Can't Fix Stupid."

After several minutes of officers broadcasting locations, the chase turns into a foot pursuit, with the driver giving them the slip.

Dispatcher:  Radio to any K-9 that can switch to channel B and assist in a stolen vehicle recovery.

Shortly after the dog arrives on scene...

Officer:  Radio, be advised suspect is in custody, you can release the air.


Well, whaddya know! It's true!  You can't fix stupid.


Auntie J said...

*snickers uncontrollably*

MikeyB said...

Two comments:
1. You can't outrun Motorola, and (2) if you try, you'll only die tired.