Monday, June 4, 2012

Something Awfewy Scwewy Going On

This morning, I grabbed my file, and headed out to my bankruptcy hearing. Traffic was light, and when I arrived, I found a great parking spot.

I walked out and was able to get right across the street without having to dodge the train or any traffic. I arrived at the federal building and there was no line at the security check point. Normally, I light up the metal detector like a Christmas tree, but, today, I made it through without any problems.

I got to the hearing and my clients were there, already signed in, and ready to go.  I got called reasonably early, no major issues with my case, and I got back to the office at a reasonable hour.

Ok.  What's going on?  Is this a joke?


Matt said...

You'll pay for this later, when Murphy finds out.

Carteach said...

Downright frightening. I suggest carefully making your way home, firmly locking the door once you are inside, and relaxing with a drink while lady luck looks for ways to balance the scales.

Bob S. said...

Every good joke requires a long set up.

If I were you, I'd call in sick on Friday -- just saying.