Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Original Digital Reader

I was multitasking.  The computer had a virus, so I was running some software to clear it up.  My wife’s phone was damaged, so I was trying to fix that as well.  My phone was tied up since I was using it to review instructions and step-by-step videos.

In short, I was hogging the technology, to the dismay of my daughters.  They had kept themselves entertained for while by reading, etc… but I guess they had enough.

My oldest complained, “Can I get to use some technology, please?”

I responded, “Do you know how much technology went into printing books?”

“I mean something more modern!”

“Books are mostly written on computer and printed on computer driven presses.”

“Daddy, you know what I mean!  I mean something digital!”

I help up my hand and wiggled my fingers.  “These are the original digits.  Here, let me show you.  You grab this page with these two digits, and move it over to this side.  You keep doing that as you read.  See?  Digital!”


I don’t think she bought my argument.


Bob S. said...

Oh...should have used that line. Gonna steal it if it happens again.

Our dishwasher appliance went out and in the midst of wife's chemo,it wasn't a priority to repair it.

I did tell the kids that it was a great lesson in how well they've had it; washing dishes by hand isn't that bad.
Should have told them to use the digital dishwasher.

John said...

You could have told them to learn Morse Code - the grand-daddy of digital communication!