Friday, April 6, 2012

On The Exploitation of Trayvon Martin

The tragic story of Trayvon Martin has divided my friends into two camps, each supporting one side of this tragedy.  I am, and remain, in the undecided middle, a product of my skeptic nature.  I don't trust the mainstream reporting of this case, since everyone (even me) has an agenda.  And sometimes, that agenda will trump the ethics of a reporter, who will feel compelled to spin the story however he or she sees fit.

I was taught that, prior to passing judgment on somebody, I need to ensure that all the facts are in.  Otherwise, I would only be prejudging somebody.  Prejudging--that's where we get the word prejudice.  But here, I have watched twisted facts (also known as lies) be offered up by either side as justification for whatever the point might be.  I have watched with disappointment as church leaders, who should be leading the charge to pray for both Trayvon Martin AND George Zimmerman and his family, instead continue to use their pulpit to uplift one and excoriate the other.

I don't know for sure what happened.  Of the ones who do, one is dead and the other is not speaking.  No one else--no one--knows what happened.  And yet, we are surrounded by leaders spreading division based solely on third-party claims and hearsay.  People who would otherwise be level-headed, well-reasoned people, have been quick to take on the banner of one side over the other, doing nothing more than reading a report written by someone who wasn't there, or listening to people who weren't there either.  We lose sight of the fact that, by doing so, we become pawns of politicians and self-annointed community leaders.  We gladly offer up our heart strings and emotional buttons, willingly becoming nothing more than marionettes in the hands of people who care more about their name than our cause.

Please read:  The Exploitation of Trayvon Martin

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Old NFO said...

"We lose sight of the fact that, by doing so, we become pawns of politicians and self-annointed community leaders."

And they will whipsaw us any way they can to promote their agenda!