Friday, April 27, 2012

Bringing a Gun to a Knife fight.

Kiet Thahn Ly, 34, for reasons yet unknown, walked into a Smith's Marketplace in Salt Lake City Utah on Thursday, at a bout 5:20pm, with a purpose.

Apparently unarmed when he arrived, he purchased a knife, walked to the foyer of the store, and started randomly stabbing people.  He attacked two men, stabbing a 30 year old several times in the abdomen and cutting a 45 year old in the arms and head.

Thank God (literally), that at the same time, there was a 47 year-old in the foyer, who was carrying a gun.  He stopped the attacker and held him at gunpoint until the police arrived.

Some (not so random) thoughts:

1.  Ly was no boy scout.  LinkLink.

2.  Stricter gun control laws would not have stopped this crime, but they would have stopped the armed 47-year old.  Which in turn would have meant that the crime would not have been stopped.

3.  By the time the police arrived, it was all over.  They arrived in time to take notes and arrange for transportation for those involved.  Wonder what would have happened if everyone just waited for the police to arrive.

4.  For those who ask me, "Why the heck would you need a gun at a grocery store?  Are you afraid the eggs are going to attack?"  No, I'm not worried about the eggs.  I'm concerned with the fruitcakes and nuts.


Bob S. said...

The person carrying concealed didn't get up and think "Today is the day I'll stop a crime".

Nope, it was another ordinary day until he walked into the foyer.

I also wonder how much training did he have -- was he a graduate of gunsite, thunder ranch, Seal Team 7.5?

Probably not, probably just another 'goes to the ranch occasionally' shooter like the rest of us.
Yet he got the job done.

Firedigger said...

Regarding your third comment--I'm a retired firefighter/fire investigator with lots of cop friends. We used to kid one another about the merits of each other's jobs, but one of the things not in great dispute was the effect we each had on the outcome of events we were called to. The bottom line is this: firefighters arrive and take action to mitigate the bad stuff happening. Cops arrive and take a report. There are exceptions, of course, but by and large, cops are report takers.