Friday, March 23, 2012

Conversations at Work

We're discussing the lengths to which clients will go to customize their cars.  Then we start talking about cars we've owned.

Me:  I had a car that would change colors depending on the weather.

Paralegal:  Really!? That sounds cool!

Me:  Yeah.  When it was dry out, it was brown and gray.  If it rained it was red and black.

Paralegal:  Was it special paint or something?

Me:  Nah.  It was rust spots and gray primer.  The water made the rust look red and the primer look black.

Paralegal:  I don't know why I even listen to you.


Ruth said...

thats awesome lol!!

Auntie J said...

Okay, I will admit that working from home deprives me of these types of conversational hilarity.

My six-year-old just doesn't get that kind of humor.