Monday, December 12, 2011

Reloading Update

Well, the Dillon Square Deal is on its way to Dillon for refurbishing and the rest of my Christmas gift has been ordered.

I started saving my brass and I have a couple of sandwich bags filled up. I've got some .40S&W, .45ACP, .38 Sp, and some 9mm.  Not enough to set the world on fire, but enough to start getting my feet wet.  I just have to clean them and then start gathering the rest of the components, while I wait for the press.


Old NFO said...

That's gonna be fun! Enjoy the range time with those! :-)

Ed Skinner said...

Some range brass, like things you might pick up in a bar, can have undesirable attributes. A while back, I discovered that one of my 1911s has a tighter chamber and it doesn't like brass that was fired in a Glock - their chamber has less support at the rear and the resulting brass has more bulge than some brands of brass can tolerate. It stretches them beyong their elasticity limit and resizing isn't 100% effective. I ended up with reloaded rounds that did not fully chamber. I used a Martindale Gauge (see for a while to cull the bulged brass but ultimately I dumped the range brass and started buying new which I could then reload for my guns indefinitely.

Lawyer said...

Ed: Thanks for the pointers. What are some good sources for new brass?