Friday, December 2, 2011

A Moment of Silence

Herman Cain is supposed to talk to his wife today about “helping” Ginger White, a friend of 13 years, without his wife’s knowledge.  This after he apparently offered to "help many" other ladies around him.

He’s going to get beat like congas at a salsa music fest.

Mr. Cain:

1.  For the first 24 hours, apply ice to any bruised areas.
2.  If possible, keep the area elevated.  For the inevitable black eye, prop your head with pillows.  (You're going to want to sleep with your eyes open anyway).
3.  Then, apply warm compresses to the bruised areas.  If the pain is so much that the whole body feels like a bruised area, just soak yourself in a warm bath.  But lock the bathroom door and put something up against it so she can't come in.  I would hate to hear you "slipped" in the bathtub.


Brigid said...

funny. But after seeing what the media does to things I deal with in my work, I have zero confidence in the majority of what is declared in the news. He exercised poor judgement, certainly, but given her legal (of record) history of lawsuits for false defamation and financial troubles I'd bet there is more to this than what appears obvious.

Still, I wouldn't want to be in his shoes today.

Lawyer said...

Brigid, I agree. What we read may have little relation to the truth. This post was definitely tongue-in-cheek.

Actually, I was initially impressed with Cain and had high hopes. I'm disappointed that he couldn't make wise decisions, although he now appears to have made the right one and decided to concentrate on his family.