Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not Good

It’s been a long weekend, and yesterday was another long day.

This morning, I get to the office and put my stuff on my desk.  I make it to the break room and start the coffee brewing. Back at my desk, I log in and review the calendar. After reviewing what’s ahead, I need my coffee. I reach for the coffee cup and head to the break room to brew the coffee. At the break room, I look at the coffee maker, a bit confused. I already brewed it? I go to put the cup down, but it looks like I never actually grabbed it. I trudge back to my office and stare at the desk for a minute. Why did I come back? Where is my coffee? Why is my cup still on my desk?

I happen to look down at my feet. I’m wearing mismatched shoes.

Is this day over yet?

Is it Friday yet?


Rev. Paul said...

Oh, I've way too many days like that, this week.

It's not Friday, sadly. Not yet.

Auntie J said...

And people wonder why I talk to myself on days like that. Have t-shirt.