Monday, September 26, 2011

Exposing Tea Party Racism

Recent results in Florida show that the Tea Party is one of the most racist and racially divisive organizations ever to exist.  Think about it:  they endorsed Alan West for US Congress.  Even more shocking they just voted for Herman Cain in a straw poll.  Can you believe that?!  That's just more proof that the Tea Party is all about older Caucasians.

Wait, aren't Mr. West and Mr. Cain both African Americans?! Hmmm... A simple Google search will find other instances of minority candidates endorsed or selected by the Tea Party.  Really...

Given my ethnicity (Hispanic), many people just assume that I am a Democrat.  Then again, I'm not a die-hard Republican either.  Believe it or not, I am capable of independent thought.  I do not choose a candidate based on their political affiliation, nor do I choose one based on color or ethnicity.  If a candidate wants my vote, they have to earn it.  Likewise, once elected, no candidate gets a pass from me simply because of their party or their ethnicity.

I often find myself agreeing with basic Tea Party principles of limited government, limited taxation, and personal freedoms.  But, based on comments I hear/read from friends, the simple fact that I agree with some Tea Party princples means I'm racist.  The fact that I disagree with our President 99.99% of the time (margin of error ± 0.01%) means that I have a problem with his ethnicity .  Really??!!  Do you not know me?  Or better yet, do you know every Tea Party member to be able to say that with certainty?

If you don't know me, yet judge me anyways, shame on you.  I believe judging before you know me is called pre-judging -(also known as prejudice).  If you do know me, I challenge you to point out one verifiable* instance of racism.  Just one.

Don't you get upset when people lump all African Americans together?  When they do that with Hispanics?  When they do that with Caucasians?  Oh wait, never mind, calling all Caucasians racists is acceptable.

Listen, next time someone claims that a party or candidate is racist.  Ask for proof.  And, if there's no proof, and yet, you still repeat the drivel, you're no better than the worst thing you claim they are.

*And yes, I did qualify by asking for a verifiable incident.  The word "racist" has been cheapened so much that a simple disagreement can be labeled racist.  Look at my life.  Look at who surrounds me.  Let my actions decide.  I agree with a lot of the Tea Party?  Am I racist?


North said...

I don't like how you looked at me, racist. You took he last of the cake, racist. Thanks for cutting me off in traffic, racist. You ended that sentence with a preposition, racist.

Yes, the word has been cheapened by applying it to anything but real racism.

Old NFO said...

Agree with North... sigh... PCism and RACism will be the death of this country...

Tango Juliet said...

Standard tactic of the Left for years and years.

I laugh in their faces.