Friday, August 19, 2011

Overheard on the Scanner

Officer, I'm on the corner of A and B streets.  I just got stopped by a concerned citizen who says there is a brush fire back in a yard in this neighborhood.  Concerned citizen says there is a dirt road at the end of B street that leads to about four or five houses.  One of the houses has a barn next to it.  The brush fire is next to the barn and is a danger to the barn.

Dispatch.  Copy.

[A few seconds later]

Dispatch:  [Assigning several rescue vehicles], Report of a brush fire on the corner of A and B street.  There's about four or five houses there.  The fire is a danger to burn down a barn.

[Rescue vehicles check in and confirm assignment.  One vehicle takes command]

[A few minutes later]

Vehicle:  Dispatch, this is Engine 1.  I'm on scene at the corner of A and B streets.  Do you have any more information on this fire?

Dispatch:  Let me check.  [Repeats information given in initial dispatch]

Vehicle:  I'm here and I don't see anything.

[A few more minutes go by]

Vehicle 2:  Dispatch, I found the fire.  It's a small brush fire, definitely a danger to the barn.  All units, this is at the end of B street.  There is a dirt road that goes past some houses.  The fire is at the end, behind one of the houses.

[Some time later]

Vehicle 2:  Fire is under control, all units not on scene can clear.


Now, I'm not trying to knock the dispatchers.  I'm sure this was an anomaly.  The dispatcher was getting the information from an officer, who had received it from someone who was passing by.  The information got muddled along the way, and may have been inaccurate in the first place.  But, the directions given by the dispatcher were not entirely accurate based on the call by the officer.  If I ever need the assistance of first responders, I hope they get my address right.


Old NFO said...

Remember the 'telephone' game? Who knows who screwed it up... At least it got reported AND put out before the barn/houses went up!

Lawyer said...

That game is what I thought of as I heard that.