Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake Update

I know some of the pictures in the news have been dramatic as they detail the devastation of the earthquake, so I wanted to reassure friends and family that, in spite of the damage, we are all ok.

I did take some pictures of the aftermath here.

 This apple was standing upright prior to the earthquake.
I think it may have rolled a bit before coming to a stop.

This highlighter was on the desk.  Experts estimate it
fell for approximately 30 inches before hitting the ground.
I am checking it for damage prior to using it again.  The
picture is blurry because I took it during one of the aftershocks.

The first vertical blind on the left did not fully return to its
normal resting position after earthquake was over.

In spite of all these setbacks, we will survive.  This is America, after all. 


Maura said...

I had a mirror fall off the wall and break at my house in Maryland. *shrug*

I found the change in my attitude a little more unsettling than any real detectable damage. For the first time, I've come to realize the Earth is NOT as firm and constant as I had thought lo these past 43 years.

Old NFO said...

Heh... My printer fell off it's stand :-( Maura, don't go to California or Japan... Just sayin...

Lila said...

Be careful. Bruised apples kill.

Gail said...

Strange humor...I love it!!!

Auntie J said...

Let's see.

Hubby was out on the golf course having his weekly mobile staff meeting with the senior pastor. They didn't feel a thing. (I know. I called to see if Hubby had to take a stroke penalty if the quake moved his ball.)

The kids were bouncing around the house, as 4.5- and 6-year-olds are wont to do, and were unfazed.

I, however, was sitting in my chair at my desk, and I was quite sure that I had elephants upstairs trying to imitate Michael Flatley, and not well, at that.

A plastic cap for a rotary grater did fall from the top rack in the running dishwasher, and melted slightly against the lower heating element. That was the only damage here.

Oh, and the cats were unsettled for the next hour. Even the sweetest one was out of sorts.