Thursday, July 14, 2011

Places We've Never Been

1.  Wal-Mart #2313, Streetsboro, OH
2.  Wal-Mart #2540, Clarion, PA
3.  Toy's R Us #6015, Hobart, IN
4.  Macy's East #27, Merrillville, IN
5.  Wal-Mart #1618, Merrillville, IN
6.  Sam's Club #8174, Merrillville, IN
7.  Foot Locker #0729, Merrillville, IN

Why does this matter?  Because some knuckle-dragging, scum-sucking, worthless piece of wasted oxygen* has somehow gotten a hold of our debit card numbers and taken our money over the weekend.  Yes, we're only temporarily broke, and we'll get our money back soon enough.  And yet, I hope and pray you get caught.  Soon.

*Of course, I mean that in a good, Christian kind of way.


Rev. Paul said...

1. I submit that the knuckle-dragging, scum-sucking, worthless piece of wasted oxygen may come to rue the day that he did this to an attorney.

2. I further submit that the knuckle-dragging, scum-sucking, worthless piece of wasted oxygen is also a waste of otherwise perfectly good protoplasm. For the record.

Auntie J said...

We had that done to us, by someone we trusted, and cared deeply for. We discovered it on a Sunday night when I was balancing the checkbook, called the cops, filed a report, and had this kid we had taken in and sheltered for a couple months (a friend of my brother's) arrested. I went to the back of the house and cried when the cops arrested him. The next day found us in our pastor's office, on what should have been his normal day off, and we kinda cried on his shoulder and dealt with the emotional fallout. I can still remember him saying, "I have a very hard teaching for you...." I can't tell you what biblical principle he brought up, but it was one we knew and were very familiar with. Just to have someone to empathize with our heartache and to commiserate in that the Christian life sometimes sucks rocks (getting back thievery for generosity, in this case) was just what we needed. Thank goodness debit Mastercard has a $0 fraud liability...we got all our money back in a matter of days.

Mike W. said...

I had this happen to me a few years back, got the call from my bank on Christmas morning.

I've had it happen with credit cards once or twice too. I've found it much easier to get credit card companies to void the purchases than to get the bank to void them and give you the money in your account back. Because of this I no longer have a debit card, just credit cards.

Anonymous said...

Debit cards. Bad idea. Always has been, always will be. Use a CC and pay it off.

Anonymous said...

When you turned the matter over to police, it is no longer in your hands. You will get your money back but the scum sucker will get off scot free as the bank or cc company considers this a cost of doing business and prosecution is too costly.
Been there, done that, own the t-shirt. Therfore I know