Saturday, July 30, 2011

More on Officer Harless

Some of the internet chatter over the video of Officer Harless, which I posted here, has tried to paint this as an isolated incident and the reaction of an officer under a potential threat.

Unfortunately, that is not the only time Harless has gone primal at the sight of a gun. 

Here is another video:

Now, unlike readily apparent in the first stop, in this video, it would appear that the officer had reason to stop the vehicle.  None of that excuses his language or demeanor.  No matter the crime, there was no reason to insult the accused.

Also, how many times during incidents like this has his camera "malfunctioned" or otherwise failed to capture  incriminating behavior?  In those cases, as I mentioned before, it would be the officer's word against the accused.

Moreover, the Canton Police Department can no longer argue that the incident last month was an isolated incident.  Two documented instances cannot be distilled into one isolated incident.  Now, the police and council will either stand by his behavior (thus approving it), fire the officer (thus washing their hands of it), or prosecute him for the various crimes he commits on both videos (as they would have done to you and I had we been the ones acting like the officer).

Don't hold your breath.



Anonymous said...

I say we shoot his dog, beat his wife and children with a rubber hose while he watches before he is tared feathered and eventually shot.

family lawyer perth said...

The guy should be thrown in jail like a common crook. Citizens would find it very hard to trust a police force that wouldn't prosecute someone like this.

long island divorce lawyer said...

It is the quick fire mentality on which the case argues and pleads. It can be also interpreted as self defense. While self defense has implications on being to aggressive with going for the kill instead of maiming the suspect.