Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lesson Learned?

Whenever I meet someone whose license is suspended, I always wonder...

How did they get to the office?  Are they driving back home?

I once represented a young man for a traffic offense appeal.  He had been convicted in the lower court of trying to pass a stopped school bus, and because of his driving record, the judge suspended his license as part of the sentence.  Unhappy with the result, he appealed the decision and retained me.

His traffic record was horrendous.  His attitude was worse.  But, away we went.  I reviewed pictures of the scene, which were drastically different than he described.  I went over everything with him, including the expected testimony from the bus driver and the police officer, both of whom witnessed what he did.  At this point, the focus shifted from trying to avoid the conviction to trying to protect him as best as I could.

The trial day comes and we meet in court.  He shows up with his girlfriend, which is a relief for me.  Presumably, she drove him to court just in case he lost his license.  We survive the trial with a better result than in lower court.  However, because of his driving record, the judge refused to let him keep his license.  The judge suspended his license again and asked my client to surrender his license right there.  We step out into the hallway and go over our game plan to reinstate his license.  I tell him he cannot drive in the meantime, as any further traffic infractions will affect his ability to get his license back.  We say our goodbyes and walk out.

As I'm driving back to the office on the interstate, I notice there are two vehicles weaving in and out of traffic and approaching at high speed.  They come closer and pass me.

I shake my head and sigh.

The first car is driven by my client.  The second car is driven by his girlfriend.


Shepherd K said...

Please, oh please, tell me you called in an anonymous tip from a pay phone to 911.

Lawyer said...

Nahhh... it's job security.

TOTWTYTR said...

Do you collect your fee in cash, in advance? You should, just in case idiots like him kill themselves on the way home.