Friday, June 3, 2011


While researching a story, I came across this.  Although I don't have the desire to meet them, I've often admired the creativity police use to catch speeders and red-light runners.

Umm...nine of those pictures are from areas around my old stomping grounds.  Some of those were daily routes for me.  I would have been sooooo busted.

Even though I'm not in Florida anymore, I'll be extra careful driving around town, now!


Ben Komanapalli Jr said...

Dang it!! Now I need to watch out for clowns too!!? : )

Murphy's Law said...

Back when I used to do that sort of work, I routinely stood in a particular construction zone wearing an orange safety vest and hard-hat. I used a LIDAR and any speeder that I wanted, I'd just stop traffic with a stop sign as they approached and direct them off into a coned-off lane in the construction zone so I could write them the tickets. Several of them claimed "entrapment" in court but the judge found all of them guilty because I did nothing to make them speed. That judge got more than a few laughs out of my tactic.

Lawyer said...

Ben: Of course, you drive all over creation, so the odds are not in you favor. But as we all know, you're practically a saint behind the wheel, right? I mean, all of this is just an academic exercise, no?

Murphy's Law: You see, that's the mixture of admiration and head-shaking. If I were busted with that setup, I'd have to tip my hat, even though I would hate the ticket.