Friday, June 24, 2011

Cream of the Crop

I was done with my case, so I headed out of the courthouse thinking of nothing but lunch.  As I walked out, I noticed a group of police officers gathered around a vehicle in the parking lot.  I didn't think much about it, since there were police officers all over the place, both because of court cases, and because the police headquarters building was right behind the courthouse.  For some reason, though, several more police officers kept heading that way. 

I gave in to my curiousity and changed course.  As I got closer to the gathering, I could hear that the officers were very upset and some were peering into the window of the vehicle.  I got close enough to realize that there were two kids (an infant and toddler) strapped to car seats in a locked vehicle.  The window was open just a bit, and the (ir)responsible adult was nowhere to be found.  It was hot outside, but the mood near the car was a lot hotter.

After a few minutes, someone came running out of the courthouse, yelling, "I'm right here!  I was only gone for a few seconds!"  It was as if someone waved a hunk of meat in front of a group of hungry crocodiles.  The mother received an immediate and high-speed escort to her car, all the while hearing officers share their opinion of her actions.

I don't know all the details except what I saw, which was this:  On a hot day, a mother left her children locked in a car, with the windows barely cracked, while she took care of some unknown business in the courthouse. 

I'm sure whatever the police charged her with, it was not enough.  Common sense is not common.

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