Thursday, June 2, 2011


It's been a few weeks since I tried to bend my ankle 90 degrees sideways.  The bruising is gone, though it's still a bit tender.  I've behaved, having to put off working out so as not to aggravate it.

This past weekend, I went to a pool party and spent the majority of the time in the pool.  For those in the airplane overhead, I was the whale.  It was a great time for seeing old friends and hanging out like we had not been able to do for years. I did plenty of moving around, pushing off, and jumping in the water.  My ankle did not complain much.

Then, on Monday, we joined 6.8 bazillion people and went to the beach.  As a side note, the sunblock must be reapplied every two hours.  I look like a cooked lobster.  I made 8 treks from the truck to the beach, carrying enough picnic food and supplies for half of those 6.8 bazillion people.  Heck, you invite a bunch of Hispanics to the beach, you better bring some food.  (Which reminds me, I need to google beach carts.)  I ran around in the water, played games with good friends, all the time working out my ankle.  Again, my ankle did little complaining.

Sooooo, Tuesday, I decide to go home for lunch.  My wife was at home, so I thought I'd spend the time with her.  I park in the driveway and head up the sidewalk to the door.  The edge of my foot catches the edge of a pine cone.

That did it.

I can run around all creation without incident, but I can't take a simple step on a sidewalk?

So I'm back on the brace, for now.  I've got to get through security today for bankruptcy hearings, so I'll have to practically undress to prove it's an ankle brace and not an ankle holster.

This will be fun!


Bob S. said...


I hope you've learned for the firs several months you need to wear your ankle brace constantly.

It took re-injuring my ankle in a major way to teach me a couple of weeks isn't enough.

I, too, was in the pool often during the summer I injured my ankle. I eventually broke down and bought a couple of cheap neoprene braces that provided fair support but I didn't care if were ruined.

As you've learned, it will be the mundane things (moving a couch down a flight of stairs in my case) that will catch you off guard. Keep the brace on my friend.

Definition of smart - learning from your mistakes.
Definition of wisdom -- learning from the mistakes of others.

Be wise my friend.

Guffaw in AZ said...

Something like 15 years ago (when I was 40 something) I went to the desert with 5 or 6 guys to go shooting.
Upon exiting my friends pickup, I stepped on a smooth river rock, and my ankle went directions nature didn't intend.
We had just arrived.
So, we stayed, shot, and hung out, me standing mostly on my other, less-injured bad leg.
And, by the time my ankle arrived home, it had swollen significantly.
Two days of ice, elevation...
And it was back to 'normal'. I remember being a kid, and doing that, and was back at it the same afternoon.
Lesson: don't let your body get old, or don't injure yourself!
I fear the NEXT time I do that!

Lawyer said...

Bob: A lightbulb turned on when I reinjured it. Your previous comment a couple of days ago finally made sense. You're right, I did too much too early. So now, I'm wearing the brace.

Guffaw: Yeah, even though I'm not quite yet 40, I'm realizing that though my mind may feel half my age, I can't get away with letting it make bets my body can't cover.

Lawyer said...
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