Friday, May 13, 2011


Looks like Hero Builders has gone off the deep end. They have created an action figure of President Obama as a SEAL. A Team 6 SEAL.

This is a President that ran a campaign criticizing the military and its mission.

This is a President that has led a Justice Department bent on prosecuting American soldiers as war criminals.

This is a President that has demonstrated disdain for the Second Amendment.

Now, I understand that the President had nothing to do with the making of this doll (or at least I HOPE he didn’t), so I don’t direct this at him. But, really??!!

I mean, this action figure represents everything the President is not, and a lot of what he has opposed.

Heck, if he was handed the rifle, he likely wouldn’t know what to do with it, except try to ban it.


Anonymous said...

I heard they used Michelle's likeness for the body.

Bob S. said...

Won't be spending any of my money with that company.

No offense to President Obama; I give him credit if he ordered the Seal Team into action.
Frankly, I didn't think he had the stones to do it but I'll give him where credit is do.


Hero Builders should know better. I'm a veteran, I have a small inkling of what it takes to become a SEAL. President Obama never even served so he definitely doesn't even come close to deserving that depiction.

Lawyer said...

Correct. He deserves some credit for giving the order. That's why this is more about Hero Builders. Yes. The should know better. However, in the chase after the dollar, I'm not sure they care.

Simeon said...

Well, Obama does work out a lot.

Lawyer said...

Sure he does.

Running from work
Jumping to conclusions
Bowing to the world
Snatching credit
Bouncing from decision to decision
Avoiding conflict
Beating around the Bush

All in a day's work!