Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finding Myself

It's now been about a month and a half since I became the managing partner of the firm.  It's certainly been an interesting ride.  My workload has more than doubled, since my partner has now devoted himself fully to the pursuit of political office.

I have been blessed with a great team.  As with every team, members have strengths and weaknesses, and part of my challenge as a leader is to highlight their strengths and shore up or minimize their weaknesses.  That's actually a fun part because I feel like I'm putting together a puzzle.  We've shifted a few responsibilities around and changed some of the processes.  Hopefully, the result is a leaner, more efficient office.

The biggest time drain has been the business aspect of the firm.  I've picked it up in the middle of the stream, so I haven't had the benefit of letting my skills grow along with the firm.  I'm suddenly in charge of a large advertising budget, with many people more than willing to help me spend it.  I'm juggling vendors, and have changed vendors where I felt necessary.  We've also made some interesting marketing decisions that should be fun.  Well, as much fun as a stuffed-shirt, heartless attorney can have.

Overall, it's been a great learning experience.  There's equal measures of reputation management, staff guiding, and still remembering to wear my attorney hat.

I think I'll keep going.


Rev. Paul said...

I will continue to pray for you, sir. May God bless you, your family, and your firm.

Keads said...

Keep Going! I HATE vendors and sales reps, but that comes with the job!

Maura said...

I have found that recognizing and rewarding the strengths of your Team ( with a capital T )is the single most effective move a Leader can make. You are nothing without the good people holding you up. Congratulations on your firm, and your position!

TNLawgirl said...

what are you doing, marketing-wise?

Lawyer said...

Rev. Paul: Thanks!

Keads: Yes! It's definitely one of my least favorite jobs. At least the vendors I am choosing all appear to be good, so far.

Maura: You are absolutely correct. My team makes or breaks me. They are a valuable asset, and I try to make sure they know that.

TNLawgirl: I have some ideas I want to try out. Nothing revolutionary, but I'm sure I can learn something from you. Send me an email at lawyerwithagun AT cox DOT net.