Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't Mess with My Daughter

Meet Dick. Meet Jane.

See Dick and Jane love each other.

See Dick and Jane break up and get restraining orders. Written on nice paper!

See Dick ignore restraining order and go to Jane's house.

See Dick drag Jane to a barn and pistol whip her.

See Jane's Roomate and Dad come to the scene.

See Dick try to shoot Roommate and Dad.

See Dad shoot back. Five times.

See Dick finally obey restraining order. Forever.

Paper covers Rock. Rock crushes Scissors. Scissors cut Paper. Guns beat paper. Any day.



North said...


Rat Bastard said...

Gun beats Paper, Scissors and Rock. And retards that don't understand "Self Defense by Paper". That is why I always carry (when I can) in the peoples republic of Hawaii. Bust down my door and see what it gets you (230gr +P .45ACP Center Mass, only the best for you!).