Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Still Here

Effective yesterday, I officially became part owner of the firm.  The firm is now a partnership, and I finally have my name on the door and on the company name.  My law partner has announced a run for the US Senate, and is now preoccupied with all that entails.  That means that, not only do I have a full slate of cases, but I also now have to run a business.

I'm not complaining, I'm just saying I'm a bit busy, you know.

So, in the meantime, take a look at the blogs on my blogroll.  I've added a bunch of new ones, all people who write much better than I do.  And, once I dig out of these files I'm under, I'll have another story to post.


Rev. Paul said...


Shepherd K said...

You've been real careful to keep your meatspace ID hidden from us loyal stalkers...I mean followers so far; however, you just gave us a few data points that will make it a little easier to track you down should it become necessary. 1) Your law partner, 2) recently announced a run for US Senate, and 3) your name just got put on the door of the firm. Let's see now, how many of the 33 or 34 senate races up for grabs in 2012 have candidates who are lawyers who just had a change in firm name?

Not that you should be concerned or anything.

Keads said...

Congrats and don't worry, I and i suspect many of your followers know first hand how real life gets in the way of Blogging!

Lawyer said...

Rev. Paul & Keads: Thanks!

Shepherd K: That's funny! I reworded this post several times for that same reason. Since I don't work for the church anymore (and am no longer their spokesman), I don't have to shield my personal views as much anymore, so being anonymous isn't as big a deal as it was before.

My blog is now listed on my facebook profile, and it wouldn't be hard for someone to dig a bit and find out who I am.

My partner has asked that I mention his candidacy on my blog. Of course, that would mean the end of my anonymity.

We'll see...