Saturday, February 26, 2011


Okay.  Time to come clean, whether I like it or not, and no matter how embarassing this is for me.

First, thanks to AD for the motivation.

As some of you know, I started a campaign to lose weight about two and a half years ago.  When I started, I weighed 252 ponds, and was roughly the shape of ball with arms and legs.  Through hard work and exercise, I managed to get down to 212 pounds, with a more reasonable shape.

Fast forward about 30 months and a million excuses later, I've regained 33 of the 40 pounds.  Not an accomplishment to be proud of, for sure.

Some days ago, I heard of a website called My Fitness Pal.  I haven't really tried much of anything else on the site, but their food diary has already forced me to make changes.  You see, I committed to writing down everything I eat, no exceptions.  After all, if I can't be honest with my own diary, why bother.  This isn't for show, I'm doing it for me.  Now, every time I plug in what I eat, it lets me know how much of my calorie budget I have used up.  Believe me, now, when I reach for a snack or a drink, I immediately wonder whether it's the best decision for me, knowing I have to log it.

So, here we go again.

"I don't like to pay for the same real estate twice."  Patton, the movie.


Shepherd K said...

I thought the exact same thing when I read AD's post. I might even actually do something about it this time. Mayhap we should get a little weight loss support group going...or would that be too girly?

wv = grativis: gratuitous gravitas due to excess poundage

Lawyer said...

At this point, I'm needing all the help I can get! That's why I'm trying to be more open with my journey.