Friday, January 14, 2011

Random Thoughts

1.  If I give the office manager the day off to consider some career-enhancing education, the main receptionist computer will fry and one of the receptionists will need to go home sick.

2.  The furnace went out last night, again. It’s got this on again off again thing going on. After working fine for a month, it took a break again last night. Good thing it’s not winter or anything. That would be bad.

3.  Our dog was on a “beef” kick. That’s all she wanted. So, I bought beef flavored food. Well, that kick is over. Won’t touch the stuff now. She won’t tell me what she wants either. It’s like having a 15 pound, four legged, hairy teenager.

4.  Well, tomorrow morning, I will officially be out of the running in the Longest Lasting Christmas Display Contest.  I must be a lightweight, because just about every other house has half-removed lights, deflated snowmen, and shiny garland flapping in the wind.


Rev. Paul said...

Regarding thought #1, of course critical equipment will break when there's no one there to fix it. It's a natural law: the Perversity of Inanimate Objects.

Rev. Paul said...

Come to think of it, that applies to #2, also.