Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nail Grinding

We recently took Mia to the groomer.  This was her second visit since she got her.  This time, though, I asked them to grind her nails (for an extra few bucks), since they were getting a bit too long for our comfort.

Best. Decision. Evarrrr.

I wrote here about our floors and Mia's difficulties.  Hardwood and tile meet dust mop (as K called her).

Mia has now lost what little grip she had.  And, remember, she loves to play catch with a rubber ball. 

I throw the ball down the hall.  She jumps up, and hits the floor running.  Her hind legs are churning as fast as they can, with her front paws trying to find a place to grab.  She looks momentarily confused, since she's not really going anywhere now.  Finally, her hind end gets a grip and begans to wrap around.  Now, with her engines at full steam, the front paws do what they're supposed to and she bolts after the ball.  Suddenly, her face changes.  She's completely surprised at the speed at which the wall is approaching.  Her head pulls back, her legs lock stiff and splay out as she tries to overcome the laws of physics.  Her head turns to watch the ball bouncing back to where she was.  Her body just about folds in half as her front end tries to make the u-turn before the back end meets the wall.  There's lots of sliding and backpedaling as everything starts to change direction and she starts heading back after the ball.

Sometimes, the ball continues to bounce around the living room, leaving Mia just one step behind at each turn. 

Best money I've ever spent.


Rev. Paul said...

I love when that happens.

Keads said...

LOL! One of the best reasons I have heard for getting hardwood floors (and a dog)!

K. Erickson said...


armed_and_christian said...

Our 4 m/o, +40# St. Bernard/GSD not only has to contend with the gangly legs and relative uncoordination of puppyhood, but does so on our wood floors. With entertainment like this, who would ever want television?