Friday, December 10, 2010

Teaching a Girl to Fight Back

I've never met Mary Peret.  Don't know much about her.  In fact, other than one article that caught my eye, I know nothing about her.

She writes a blog, under the name BarnMaven.  The post that caught my attention, through the Google News aggregator, was titled "Why I'm Not Sad My Daughter Punched a Little Boy in the Privates."  You see what I mean?  That is an eyecatching title.  TodayMoms reposted the article under the title "My Daughter Punched a Boy in the Privates--I'm So Proud."

Go read it, I'll wait.

For those who can't or won't read it, here's the short version.  A 10-year old boy (the writer reveals the boy's age in the comments) shoves his hips into the author's daughter's face, (also 10-years old), wiggles the hips, and yells, "Talk to Mr. Weiner."  She does, with her fist.

My wife and I work hard to make sure that my daughters understand that their bodies and dignity belong to them, and are to be respected by ALL.  We are constantly teaching my daughters about the right to defend themselves from both physical and verbal threats and attacks.  We teach them the difference between being the initial aggressor, and being the one attacked.  We teach them about appropriate levels of response, and what is an excessive response.

I will be using this article to have a conversation with my daughters this weekend.

I don't know who Mary Peret is, but she is right to be proud of her daughter.  If my daughters had reacted this way, I, too would be proud.

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Brigid said...

Talk to Mr. Weiner.

Oh, that is pricess. He won't be trying THAT again. Good for her.

Some punk tried something similar to me in 4th grade. I had a cast on. That makes QUITE a good whacking stick if you angle it just right.