Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Police as Protection

This video is for those who believe we ought to wait for the police.  I simply post it to illustrate a point I have made here before.  Please take a minute or two to watch the video.  Put yourself in the position of the Board members.  At what point do you think you would have dialed the police.  Pretend to do it now.  Remember this video is real-time.  Speaking of time, if the phone is all they had, they would have been dead before the first, "Hello."

The police aren't typically called until the incident is over.  In fact, that's what happened here.  Police do not show up until the dead are dead.  They take notes, take pictures, and make plans.  The difference in this story is that there was someone else armed there.  That person put a stop to the attack.  The only dead, by his own hand, was the initial attacker.  But he didn't think to stop until someone else stopped him.

Of course, people may ask, "Why would you ever have to carry to a school board meeting?"  Aren't those supposed to be safe?  Let's ask these school board members.  I'm glad there was a security officer there, but I'm not taking my chances that the guard is a good shot, knows the weapon, and is alert enough to shoot.  If that security guard had not been there, or had not been alert and able, this would have been a completely different news story.

I will take responsibility for my own safety.

UPDATE:  Weerd has the full video, and an excellent post as well.  I have embedded the video he linked to.


Ed Skinner said...

Here are some time marks:
0:16 Sound of spray can of paint?
0:28 Handgun displayed.
1:30, 3:49 and 5:54 "I'm gonna die."
5:50 Perpetrator aims weapon.
6:01 First shot.

Bob S. said...

People are talking about how brave the lady with the purse was.

I agree she was brave.

I also want to point out how ineffective she was.

That is what the 'gun control laws' do; leave people to deal with violent criminals with less effective weapons.

How in the world can that be considered "common sense'?

Lawyer said...

Ed: That's a great breakdown, especially in light of the fact, which I have mentioned before, that the average police response time here is 7 minutes. Not sure what it is in that city, but they did not get there until it was all over.

Bob: That is the same thing I pointed out to friends here.