Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Observations from Training

At my previous job, I oversaw the volunteer security department at the church.  One of the things I did was require the security officers to take the state licensing course in order to keep our insurance company happy.

I'm no longer there, but I decided to renew my certification, mostly because it was ridiculously inexpensive, but also because it's something different and is a fun break.

So, I did it and I passed.  Now, for no real reason, here are some of my observations from the course:

1.  Slide bite is real, and hurts.  But, the victim was a trooper and made it through the class.  She had to take the test twice, but passed on the second try.

2.  Shooting a certification class with a headache is no fun at all.

3.  I did not get a perfect score, but still had one of the highest scores each time.  I still passed, with 291 and 295 out of 300 each time.  I had to test twice because I was qualifying with two calibers.

4.  For those whose life identity is only that of security guard, please try to relax and switch to decaf.  Seriously.

5.  There is a local security firm that is outfitting its officers with HiPoints and nylon holsters.  I guess that's ok.  There are better choices out there, though.  This same firm gives their security officers an extra magazine.  A Glock magazine.  Different caliber.  I had to see for myself.  I'm not sure what the clients are paying this security firm, but, really!?

6.  As soon as everyone in the class found out I was an attorney, they lined up to get free advice.  Remember this?  I don't do free advice.  I still outscored most of them, much to their shock.  I guess people don't like to lose to a nerd.

7.  Anytime I go to the range is a fun time, headache or not.


Keads said...

I concur with your observations, especially 1 and 4! Getting ready now to help out on the armed live fire practice session now. I am sure I will remember this list! Congrats on the very respectable score!

Lawyer said...

Thanks! That was a fun exercise.