Sunday, December 26, 2010

Not Again!

Apparently, the North is leaking white stuff again.  Now it's all over my truck and all over the road.  Can't we get the government to do something about it?


Rev. Paul said...

Don't encourage them; they're likely to try.

Keads said...

LOL! Just cleared my car today for whatever needs to be done tomorrow.

maddmedic said...

Whats the matter with you?
Its that climate change and we are sharing our wintery type weather.
We have been getting this white stuff and cold for years from those crazy Alaskans!!
Now we are sending it south!!
Hopefully dumping a lot in Al Gore's butt!!!
Car?? It's under a pile off white stuff, next to my house.
Somewhere....I'll find it eventually.

Lawyer said...

Rev. Paul: You're right!

Keads: I thought about it, but decided it was too cold for me.

Madmedic: Yes, this global warming powder is really getting on my nerves. Oh, and thanks for stopping by! I'm adding you to my blogroll.