Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Polite Society

Given the issues we had over the past couple of weeks (water heater, washing machine, truck), I called for backup and asked a friend to come help. Since the truck gave up the ghost at my job, we started there, and once the truck was going again, we stopped by Subway on the way to the house.

As we were turning left into an empty parking spot, a vehicle behind us decided to pass us--on the left.

Physics being what it is, both vehicles could not occupy the same space at the same time. She, of the compact car, wisely deferred to us of the large work van.

She did however, note her objection for our record. And for the record of everyone else in the busy parking lot. There was lots of hand waving, lots of expletives, even the gratuitous one-fingered salute. We had the A/C going and the windows up, but we still were treated to her lengthy monologue. After her speech, she pulled around the other side and pulled into a nearby parking spot, now going into part two of her animated diatribe.

We pull into our spot, and get out. Now, my friend is not a small fellow, so he cuts quite the imposing figure. She begins to tone down her delivery.

Then, when I get out, our dissenter becomes incredibly docile, and is suddenly preoccupied with something on the dashboard. She remained so occupied until our business was done.

I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that I was open carrying.


Jennifer said...

Heh. Interesting when people get it in their heads that they can berate someone for their own incompetence. Glad she realized the error of her ways. When people view each other as equals, they will be polite. There is just no place for condescension and intimidation.
She was clearly in the wrong from the beginning but wanted to place the blame on you.

Rev. Paul said...

Another law of physics: open carry trumps unloaded finger (and empty brain), every time.

Bob S. said...


Are you saying that a firearm not only did not escalate the level of violence but actually reduced it?