Friday, October 1, 2010

My Day

I live on the east coast, and as you may know, we’ve been working extra hard to destroy single-day rainfall records.  One of my paralegals finally located her oars and was finally able to escape her home and come to work.  I just barely dodged having to buy a boat just so I could make it to court on time. Today’s hearing was in a court four cities away, so it would have been quite the haul.

By coincidence, I managed to score a court hearing on the day the court is discussing the bankruptcy of a well-known professional athlete. No one from the press was there, thankfully. I have nothing against reporters; I just like to keep them at arms length when it comes to official business. Actually, that case wasn’t my business anyway, so they would have taken no interest in me. Still, the hearing was steeped in legal issues, so, though of interest to me, it would have put the general public to sleep (just like I do here!).

On top of that excitement (eyeroll), the court had lost power, so the building was running on the emergency generator. It gave the courtroom a very cozy, romantic, low light feeling. Actually, given what they were doing to debtors inside, the ambience may have been appropriate. Anyways. Apparently, the generator in this new building was barely adequate, because the lights alternated between dim, fading, and going out altogether. The judge just kept looking down from his bench, and saying, “Let’s keep going.” So, there was a lot of reading ahead on case notes in the event my case was called while we were on the dark side.

Finally, I get back to the office, where I meet with a client who needs to pin down the value of his house. I suggest that perhaps he may know a Realtor who can help. He looks down and says my daughter was a Realtor.

“Maybe she can still help you,” I say with great eagerness, not noticing that he's shaking his head.

“Well, she just passed away.”

Shoe leather tastes nasty


Rev. Paul said...

You've had ... an interesting day.

Lawyer said...

Heh. I'm just glad I survived it without any more drama!