Friday, September 17, 2010


Well, it’s not like I have a lot of free time, but I hadn’t heard from Tony Cassise, blogger at My Road to Freedom, for a while, so I did some digging. I’m not sure what triggered the curiosity, since I don’t chase down every blogger that disappears for a while. He was a frequent commenter, using the name “Did it MY way.” He had not posted on his blog since July 25th. His last post promised a range report, and since I was looking for a 1911-style pistol, I kept checking back. Nothing.

Out of curiosity, while looking for blog fodder, I Googled his name and found this.  I wasn't sure if it was him, until I looked at the photos on the site and found the same photo he used on his blog profile

Anthony Lewis "Tony" Cassise passed away on July 29, 2010.

I never met him, but judging from the comments on the memorial sites and his comments on mine and other blogs, he had a lot to offer and I learned a lot from him. 

Rest in peace.  Your road to freedom has taken you home.


Paul said...

I am the SIL (son #2) that Tony (My Road To Freedom) spoke about. I want to thank you for posting such kind words on the memorial site. I am gathering as many photos of Dad as I can find and posting memories on that site. As he followed many blogs, I didn't know where to start to "update online friends". I am glad to see he has touched people online as well as in person. Every day is a major struggle as you can probably imagine. I am still in a tailspin trying to find out which way is up. Things are not clear without him. Anyways, I am sorry to post so much on your blog about this I just wanted to say thank you from the entire family for posting such kind words and keeping him in your prayers.

Jay G said...

Thank you for posting this. Did it MY way posted over at MArooned as well; his comments will be missed.

Rest in peace Tony.

Lawyer said...

Paul, I'm sorry for your loss. His writing made it clear that he loved his family and had a great outlook on life. Thanks for stopping by. I wasn't sure if I should post about his passing, but in the end, I thought others would want to know.

I must say it puts a different spin on his writing once we know how it ends. Nows, it's our turn to carry on the journey.