Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque

I've tried to stay away from this issue somewhat, because others who write much better than I do have said it better than I ever will.  However, I can think of no other reason for this mosque than to be confrontational.  Of all places to build, they choose a spot where our history of freedom was attacked with the intolerance and hatred of Islam.  I'm not saying all Muslims behave that way, but we have to look at the practices of those who were pleased as our innocent countrymen died.

To think that we have struggled for years to come up with an appropriate memorial to build on this site, and now have rushed through with plans for his mosque is puzzling.  To argue that one design or another does not do justice to the memory, and yet erect a mosque in the shadows of our pain is inexplicable.

This goes beyond freedom of religion.  This goes to their demonstrated ideals, coming from the very roots of their beliefs.  Those beliefs are highly inconsistent with peace.

From DC:

But to be clear, yes, I do have a problem with Islam. Actually, I have several, really more than that. I have a problem that virtually all the terrorists in the world claim to be Muslims. I have a problem with child brides, which Mohammed had and some of his modern-day followers (i.e., Zarqawi) have. I have a problem that no major Muslim cleric has ever denounced armed jihad. I have a problem with the way Muslims treat women. I have a problem with the way that Muslims treat people who disagree with them. Although I believe homosexuality is wrong, I have a problem with the way that Muslims treat homosexuals. I have a problem with how Muslims tolerate and encourage anti-Semitism, and also I have a problem with any religion that says "convert or die." I have a problem that Islam makes democracy difficult. I have a problem with Sharia law.

Well said!

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