Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I just received a letter from an attorney representing the opposing party in one of my cases.  The letter is mercifully short.  It has 8 sentences, all in one paragraph.

The letter has at least 7 spelling or grammatical errors.

Not a good way to make an impression.



Rev. Paul said...

I am frequently amazed at spelling & grammar errors from even the most intelligent of people. Maybe their parents purchased "Huuked on Fonics"?

Lawyer said...

Rev. Paul, thanks for stopping by.

You know, I'm not perfect, and every so often, a few will slip by me. However, I take a moment to triple check before it goes out. This attorney has a pretty good position on his side. Even so, after getting the letter, I'm inclined to push back a bit and see how far I get. If he didn't care enough to double check the letter, I'm not holding my breath on the rest of the preparation.

Baddog said...

Or....you could just use a red pencil to make corrections and send it back.