Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Additions?

As I may have mentioned before, we have two female leopard geckos at home.  (For those keeping count, that's one wife, two daughters, and two female pets--I'm the only supplier of testosterone in the house).

When we got the second one (the one on the right, above), we were told she had been bred, and would soon lay eggs.  Well, she has been regularly laying eggs (in pairs), but so far, her first two clutches have not been viable.  They have never developed an embryo, which I have been told is common in first time mothers.  The eggs were wrinkled and sunken.

Well, the third time seems to be the charm.  She has laid two eggs that are firm and full. I haven't candled them yet--I'll probably do that today, but it looks like we may have some gecko babies in a couple of months!

Although I must say I'm disappointed.  As well as we treat these geckos, I have yet to save money on my car insurance.

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