Saturday, July 17, 2010


Well...crap!  Two years of writing, pictures, music downloads, work documents, etc... down the drain.

My hard drive just crashed.  I'm using my wife's laptop right now so I'm not entirely cut off, but that still does not solve my problem.  Now, I have a plan to try to recover my data, but so far my options aren't working:

1.  Stare in disbelief.  Nope
2.  Boot from disk.  Nope
3.  Put the computers together and back-up by osmosis.  Nope
4.  Menacing stare.  Nope
5.  DOS commands.  Nope
6.  Threaten to take it out to the range and shoot it.  Nope <-- I think this one offended it.

Umm...This post has been brought to you by any computer backup plan.  Pick one.  Soon.



Anonymous said...

Take your laptop to a local computer repair shop and see if they can recover the data. (do not go to Best Buy!) I just about destroyed my hard drive trying to get it to boot up. Turns out the O/S was corrupted and they were able to reprogram the system. They might be able to recover the data and transfer it to a new hard drive.

For $99 I now have a 1.5 TB ( back-up hard drive for everything.


Bob S. said...

An effective threat for me -- I will turn you into a toaster unless you work right.

As a data recovery plan - consider buying an external adapter for your hard drive and plug it into your wife's lap top.

I strongly recommend using external hard drives for back ups -- I bought a 1 Terabyte drive for $80 at Fry's Electronic.

Of course, USB thumb drives are also cheap enough to use as back up for low volumes

Lawyer said...

MikeyB - Yeah, I've got some friends who own different local computer companies that I'll call.

Bob S - the sad thing is that I thought about backing up to an external drive about a week ago, but didn't. I'm kicking myself.

I've ordered a harddrive enclosure so that I can try to tap into it that way. That's a lot of data to lose.

Eric said...

Even if the locals can't recover your data, don't give up. There are companies that specialize in recovering data from hard disks, even ones that have been formatted and overwritten. You can find them on the internet.

Good luck. Gotta go make a back up of my back up. :)

Lawyer said...


Yeah I've identified a few. I'll know a bit more once my drive enclosure comes in. We'll see.