Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well, PETA, in it's never ending campaign to become irrelevant, recently issued a press release.  It seems they want us to be kind to cockroaches.  You must be out your freakin' mind.

Press Release

In honor of their request, I think I'll order some roaches to feed to my geckos.


Bob S. said...

Of course they want us to be kind to cockroaches....some of their best people are cockroaches or lower order vermin.

Seriously, do they not understand the disease and germs that can be spread by roaches?

Lawyer said...

But...but...but they can talk to each other, and dine in groups, and might even count, and stuff!

Think of the roaches!

Did it MY way said...

That is true...the cockroach in the woods could count, prefered that over lead posion.

See Ya.