Saturday, May 1, 2010


Sorry for not posting much lately. I appreciate those of you who continue to stop by. I’m really trying to get back into some sort of rhythm but haven’t quite found it yet.

Today we celebrated our 9-year old’s birthday, although the actual date was a few days ago. We asked her to invite a handful of her closest friends and had some friends cater the small party.

We had a wonderful time. The caterers took care of everything, and I do mean everything. Even though it was at our house, they came early, decorated, served, chaperoned, and cleaned up. My wife and I tagged along, feeling a bit helpless since there was literally nothing for us to do. The girls had a good time, and when everybody left, it was as if nothing had taken place. They did all the cleaning up. All we had to do was make sure the right child went home with the right parent.

As I mentioned earlier, my daughter had been begging for a gun. After a lot of searching and research, I found a Rough Rider at an excellent price. I was able to get it shipped here in time and I presented it to her at the party. One of the parents was visually shocked, but after I spoke to her for a minute she mentioned that it was actually cool that we had chosen that for a gift.

My daughter kept the pistol in the presentation box, and after a few pictures, I asked her to recite the four safety rules. After she did that, I asked her to explain what to do if she ever found a gun anywhere. She answered perfectly. Really, it wasn’t so much to prove that she knew the rules, but more to open the door for further discussion with everyone else.

Overall, we had a wonderful time.

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