Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Quiet Day in Court

10:30 am – in-between dockets. The 9:00 am dockets were just finishing and people were streaming out of the courtrooms. Those on the 11:00 am dockets stood in the hallways waiting for their turn to go in. These were the misdemeanor dockets, so there were a number of courtroom deputies, state troopers, city police, and special division law enforcement officers mingling in the hallways. Although the courtrooms were quiet, the halls were anything but.

I worked my way through the crowds. I had just finished my case on the misdemeanor docket, so I was headed to the clerk’s office in order to look at the court file in an upcoming case. When I got there, the line was snaking out the door. Rather than wait, I grabbed a seat on a nearby bench and reviewed another case.


I heard a loud slam as the courtroom door was thrown closed. A large man stormed out, obviously upset with whatever had just happened.

"Excuse me, sir! The judge would like you to come back in!," a courtroom deputy yelled as he jumped out to stop the man.

By now, they had my attention, since this was happening no more than ten feet in front of me.

The man squared off against the deputy, pushed him away, and loudly questioned his masculinity, parentage, and sexual habits. The deputy took a dim view of the personal contact and grabbed the guy's wrist. The guy in turn took umbrage at this measure of disrespect, so down they went. The rodeo was on!

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a tidal wave of blue, khaki and gray uniforms accompanied by the sound of what seemed like a hundred equipment belts and boots on marble.

It went from a two-person wrestling match to a fumble recovery at a Dolphins game. Arms, knees and elbows everywhere. Lots of yelling and cursing and tons of unwanted physical contact.

Within seconds of this circus getting underway, the sister of the main event came storming out, expressing extreme displeasure at how they were treating her little brother. So, while the show at center ring was still going strong, the sister started her own celebration. She charged at the writhing mass of bodies. One of the police officers pulled himself away from the festivities and ordered her to be quiet and step away. She declined the invitation, but was nice enough to loudly and explicitly broadcast exactly what she was going to do to the officer. She kept coming.

Of course, this could not go without a response. Down she went, too! Officers and deputies who arrived too late for the first dance enthusiastically joined in on this one.

Within a few seconds (it seemed like a lot longer than that), the situation was brought under control. The siblings were taken away and given a place to spend a few nights. I went on the clerk’s office and completed my business there.

Just another day in paradise.


Did it MY way said...

You sure you were not in Pinellas County Florida?

See Ya.

Lawyer said...

I spent my teenage years not too terribly far from there, so I can only imagine the fun they have there.