Friday, April 2, 2010

Little Shooter

My youngest daughter has a birthday coming up this month.  She told me she knows what she wants and is pretty adamant about it.  She wants a small .22LR revolver. I've constantly had safety talks with both of my daughters, and they have both expressed interest in going to the range with me, so I think they're ready. 

I looked around for a single action revolver that would be appropriate for her.  I'm thinking of a Rough Rider.  I like the Ruger Single Six or the Bearcat, but those are a bit more than I'm able to spend for her gift.

Any ideas?


SAVAGE said...

If you looked at the recent gun show in Hampton there were a ton of Ruger Single Six's and Bearcat's. I saw several under $300. Iver Johnson?

Say Cheese Sailor Curt. I'm still ou here watching!

Greg Tag said...

I would suggest a used Bearcat, if she has small hands. A Single - Six if she has larger hands.

I find beat up 'Sixes all the time in the 175-200 range. Thats an expensive gift for a child, BUT make it one for both of you,as JTIC. Then when she is 13 give to her your interest.

OK, I realize thats sort of cheating but it fills the bill- she winds up with a quality arm she can treasure and use into adulthood, and the gift can be amortized over several years so it does not seem profligate.

Plus, she might let you shoot " her" revolver.