Friday, March 5, 2010

Utopia Denied

Ok. Another nut comes unglued and tries to take people with him on his descent into hell. Let the finger pointing begin.

As a society, it’s becoming more and more difficult to deal with the idea that utopia will never be possible. We hold out high hope for a more perfect world. We switch political parties, switch allegiances, and choose new leaders. Perhaps we believe that if we just control one more aspect of people’s lives, the world will be perfect. Condemn smoking. Ban guns. Require seat belts. Cut transfats. Just one more law or one more rule and we will force people to behave.

When our best attempts at controlling others’ lives fail, we look for theories that can explain away the evil. After all, these crazies must be blamed on something. There’s no way that some people are just psychopathic. There must be something we can blame. Maybe their upbringing? Maybe political beliefs?

Since we are civilized and modernized, we think, these things should not be happening. When a crazy man flies a plane into an IRS office, we look for reasons to demonize him. When an idiot chooses to fire upon federal officers, we desperately describe him in ways that justifies our prejudices. Crazies become right wing tea party racist terrorists. Why? Not because we have definite proof, but maybe because by projecting their evils onto some other group, we do not have to address the idea that there will always be evil people and that evil will always live among us.

You see, it’s easier to blame inanimate objects, religious beliefs, or political leanings. People are not inherently evil, we rationalize, guns are. He’s not mentally unstable, he’s a right-winger.

And yet, all our attempts to control the uncontrollable fail. Gun control doesn’t stop violent crime. Hate legislation doesn’t stop hate crime. Traffic laws do not prevent speeding or driving under the influence. And on and on and on.

Utopia is unreachable on this earth. There will always be evil people doing evil things. No amount of laws will ever, ever, change that. Therefore, when a maniac becomes unplugged, it makes no use to ask for new legislation. It will do no good to scream to a legislature asking them to pass laws to make people behave.

It won’t work. It never has, it never will.

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Did it MY way said...

Perhaps Utopia is a personal peace. I am currently very happy. I also make my own moral deceisions, meaning I speed when conditions are favorable, fail to wear my seat belt, believe the 2nd ammendment is my right to carry a weapon. True if I am caught breaking a law I feel is unjust I pay the price.

If the crazies were punished according to the eye for an eye perhaps there would be less crazies. The "Person" pays not the object or the excuse. Just my 2 worth.

See Ya