Friday, January 22, 2010

Language Barrier


Scott Brown's campaign in Massachusetts goes into overdrive as soon as the country gets wind of his opposition to the health care disaster.

National polls show overwhelming opposition to this health care destruction bill.


Voters were excited because the Massachusetts upset was sending a clear message to Washington:  We are upset with the way Congress and the White House are running this country (into the ground).

Silly rabbit.

We thought the message was to lay off the health care, work to preserve and not erode our rights, and start paying off this debt.

Nope.  Turns out the message is a lot simpler than that.

According to our President, the message is that he has not spent enough time talking to us.

Let me get this right.  The problem is not your actions; it's that we haven't heard enough talking.


There's plenty of talking already.  But it's as if we're are speaking a different language.

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