Monday, January 25, 2010

Interesting Article for Aspiring Authors

Some time ago, I was having a conversation with my wife and one of her close friends.  This young lady is an author, with several published books to her credit.  During our conversation, we talked about how hard it was to break into the publishing business.  We talked about vanity presses and literary agents, as well as her own experience in the industry.

I wondered then, and still do, if there are basically two types of books:  those that are meant to be written, and those that are meant to be read.  For some people, putting their thoughts onto paper is a therapeutic exercise, but will sadly be nothing more than that.  For others, the books will not only be written, but also be read, to the enjoyment or education of others.  I know that a large factor will be the writer's skill level and chosen subject, but lately, that does not seem to be enough.

No matter how you look at it, the book problem is an issue of supply and demand.  Too many books and not enough readers, stores, shelf space, money, etc... The problem is complicated when we consider the growing competition for time, and the many new gadgets and formats that fuel that competition.

Anyway, my mind started chasing this rabbit when I ran across this article:

The Ugly Truth About Getting Your Book Published

As usual, someone else has said it better than I could.


Did it MY way said...

Duh...Guess I'll take that item out of my bucket list. lol

See Ya

Lawyer said...

Heh. The publishing industry will have to change just as the music industry did. Hopefully a lot faster and without as much heartburn.