Thursday, January 21, 2010

The 5th, Yet Again

During the Congressional hearing in which the Salahis were questioned for their gate crashing at the White House, Rep. Bill Pascrell (D—New Jersey) said, “So, I don’t respect your right to take the 5th amendment. Not at all.”

Of course, Congress has not given the Salahis immunity, and I don’t care whether they ever do. But since anything the Salahis say can be evidence against them, they need to keep quiet.  Regardless of who agrees.

The Constitution exists so that the simple opinions of those chosen to represent do not trample the rights of those represented.  I don’t give a flying flip whether Mr. Pascrell agrees with the 5th Amendment of the Constitution. That’s his issue, and one for the voters to deal with.  He sure better respect it, though. The Constitution and the rights guaranteed therein are more important than one Congressman from one state.

I wonder, are there any other Constitutional rights you find inconvenient?  Anything else you think we should eliminate?

I also wonder how many will react to his statement.

I should probably stop wondering.

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Did it MY way said...

Did not said Mr. Pascrell swear to uphold the Constitution when he was sworn in? Oh I forgot he does not have to. Come November?