Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Places to go, Things to do!

Ok, I've never been President of the United States.  I know that being President is hard work.  I also believe that those who work hard should play hard.  So, I have no problem with a President that wants to work out or play golf.

But still, some idiot tries to blow up a plane and our President is satisfied with a 15 minute briefing (which took place 2 hours after the incident was OVER) before heading to the gym?

That's leadership?

Perhaps this is leadership:  The daughter of one of the President's friends has "relatively minor injury" and he goes zooming lights and sirens back to the house to, perhaps, direct where to kiss the booboo, no doubt getting breathless updates along the way.

His aides are saying that the limp-wristed response to terrorism (which they don't like calling as such) is so we don't glorify the attacks and encourage other terrorists.  Well, in case our President hasn't realized it, parts of the world hate America.  They always will.  They don't just hate former President Bush, they hate the entire United States of America, including President Obama and all that follow in that office after him.  No amount of ground kissing, bowing down, or apologizing is going to change that.  Therefore, heading to the gym in light of an attempted attack is the response they want.

The response they need, however is much stronger than that.  One that our current governmental leadership is incapable of providing.  By current leadership, I'm referring to Congress as well.  And, I don't mean they don't want to provide a stronger response, I mean they can't.  They possess neither the intestinal fortitude nor the spinal integrity to do so.  They have money to spend, debt to drive up, political correctness to protect, and legacies to invent--on all the wrong priorities.  They do so by using big force to handle small problems and using empty rhetoric to "strongly condemn" the big problems.

I, for one, can't wait for November elections.  While I have to wait to vote for a new President, there are others that will need my vote before then.  I want to ensure all these self-serving "leaders" have plenty of time to work on their selfish priorities.

If you have more important things to do than protect and lead, I'll hold the door open for you.

Get out.


Bob S. said...

Rep. Joe Barton - Republican from Texas- thought it was important to hold hearings on the college bowl system.

When I emailed about it, he said it was because of the large amount of money involved. I'm sorry but I missed the part in the Constitution where it was Congress' business simply because of the amount of money. -- It gets regular mention at my blog (time for another)

Did it MY way said...

Vote every single one of them out. Demand term limits.

See Ya