Friday, November 6, 2009

Public Service Announcement #2

If you decide to buy live crickets to feed your daughters’ lizard, the pet store may package them in a plastic bag. If they do, please note that the crickets can chew through the plastic bag. Furthermore, please note that you may not notice the escape until it is too late, and even then, your wife will likely notice before you do.

Please don’t ask how I know that, just be a good citizen and take my word for it.

Ummm ... anyone know the phone number of a good florist?


Bob S. said...

Recommended course of action is to send the flowers to her work place (if she works outside of the home) and follow up with hand delivered secondary item.

Be it chocolate or perfume or store bought meal so cooking and clean up.

This of course is dependent on the method of discover. Think about how a person might have discovered said facts; the more it makes you want to laugh, the more lavish the secondary offering should be.

Don't ask me how I know this.

Ride Fast said...

The day my wife brought home crickets for Dennis (the tarantula someone left on my desk at work - long story) kind of surprised me, but she is very kind.

I'm just laughing away here imagining her reaction if those crickets had escaped.

It's not like should could have let Dennis out to get them, that would have been worse.