Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Range Report

I finally went to the range to test out the shotgun. Since I was, as usual, pressed for time, I only took 50 shells with me. After much research and comparing of loads, I chose #8 birdshot to test the shotgun. Actually, no. I picked it because that’s all Wal-Mart had on hand, so I got two boxes.

Since I was a bit short on time, Murphy’s law dictated that the range be full. I had to wait about 20 minutes, but I finally got a lane. I loaded up, aimed at the target, worked the safety, and pulled the trigger.

I have fired rifles in .22 and .223 calibers and handguns in .22, .380, .38, 9mm, .40, and .45 calibers. Up to now, that was my experience with recoil. Ummm … shotgun recoil is not the same. It’s a little more, how do I put this, attention-getting. That’s a note for me to remember for the next time. Other than that, the shotgun functioned flawlessly. It cycled smoothly, ejected normally, and had a sufficient primer strike to get the fun started.

After I ran out of time and shells, I called it a day.

A functioning shotgun for $150 because the previous owner failed to loosen a threaded rod ½ turn. I'm happy.


Sailorcurt said...

Shotgun recoil is stout, but not sharp.

As long as you have the gun properly shouldered and pulled in tight, it shouldn't do much more than push you back.

If you don't have it in the right place on your shoulder, or don't pull it in tight, you'll get bruised quite nicely.

Sounds like you got a great deal. Why don't I ever stumble across deals like that? Probably the same reason I never win door prices or raffles.

Sailorcurt said...

door prices?

I think I meant "door prizes".

Stupid fingers.

Shy Wolf said...

:( <<< doesn't win door prizes OR prices, either.
Shotgun recoil can be rough for smaller persons to handle- hence the smaller gauges. Too, the weight of the weapon is a factor. Just hold that baby tight to your shoulder, weld the cheekpiece and keep your nose away from your thumb.
Then get a 30-06 bolt action and shoot that if you want to have some recoil fun. Or something larger.

Did it MY way said...

Do love the o6.

Lawyer said...

Yeah, at the end of my session, it was pretty clear to me that my technique needed refining. Of course, that's just another excuse to go to the range again.

Thanks for your tips and for stopping by!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations and have fun. Shotguns are great. Once you get your technique down, you won't have any problems.