Friday, August 21, 2009

Upcoming Storm?

It's been all over the news. The government creates a stimulus plan, the basic premise of which is that they will take my tax dollars to encourage others to go further into debt.

Cash for Clunkers they call it. I’m sure it will be a shining example of how the government can take care of us.

How is it going?

He said checking on the status of his applications was agonizingly slow, and the administration’s Web site was so bogged down with traffic that it had taken him 14 hours to upload one application. He withdrew from the program on Saturday.

How's the paperwork?

For example, one of the main reasons Cash for Clunkers deals were rejected early on was because dealers failed to write "Junk Automobile," in black magic marker on the title of the older cars that buyers were trading in.

They wouldn't be that picky, right?

But Schienberg said dealers have had their rebate applications rejected for often trivial reasons, like misspelled words in paperwork. Often, dealers aren’t even told what the mistake was when an application is rejected, he said. “They’re spending hours and hours and days trying to get their transactions filed and approved by the federal government,” Schienberg said. “Administratively it’s become so burdensome.”

Well, they tried their hand at mortgages as well. How'd that go?

Dozens of e-mails from readers report months of futile effort to modify their loans. The list of problems includes misdirected calls, lost paperwork and conflicting advice from multiple representatives for the same lender.

So you have government stepping into industries where it has no expertise or business. Government then patches together some regulations, forces them on industries, and then sits back to take the glory. Unfortunately, beyond mortgages and cars, they also run the IRS (due process, anyone?), the Post Office (rate hikes every three minutes, while cutting services), and Social Security (security? What security?),

I can't wait until they take over health care. Won't that be fun!

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