Friday, August 14, 2009

Lawyer's Ark

This past Wednesday, the heavens opened up and emptied out. We had so much rain in a couple of hours that the streets near our church were flooded. The water flowed freely from our parking lot, over the curbs and medians, into the street, and over the sidewalk on the other side. There were more stalled cars on the streets than at a used car lot.

We had a well known gospel singer having a concert at our church that evening, so people were making their way in. They were coming to church barefoot, with their jeans rolled up to their ankles--not that it was helping. Heck, even the singer was delayed.

We had placed parking cones to help direct traffic, and those cones floated down the street. We're still finding them.

It rained again yesterday (though not as hard as Wednesday), and I just looked out my window. It's raining again.

I don't need an umbrella. I need an ark.

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