Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm tired of the arrogance of politicians. Because I disagree with the direction of our government or healthcare reform, I'm marginalized as a dangerous, neanderthal minority.

It's almost as if they believe no one in their right (or left?) mind would dare possibily disagree with the government. Anyone who does is clearly a radical and incapable of independent thought.

It can't be that there are clear problems with the proposed solution. No. It's got to be that the opposers are dumb, dangerous, and easily influenced.

So, in the face of stiff opposition, they continue to force this issue. After all, millions of people can't be right. Only the elite in Washington know what's best for me.

Whatever happened to the "marketplace of ideas?"


Sailorcurt said...

Whatever happened to the "marketplace of ideas?"

The weak economy forced it to lay off most of its employees.

Then the government gave it a "stimulus" bailout and Obama appointed a "Czar" to direct operations.

Bob S. said...


"Market place of ideas" fell by the wayside, just as "free speech" did.

If it isn't something the liberals agree with, it is "hate speech". I find it fascinating that they have to marginalize both the words(hate speech) and the speaker (dangerous, neanderthal minority)in order to lessen the impact of the idea.

Word verification seems to hit it on the head --KINGI -- there is the King and there is I....different classes in the liberals minds.